Actress Megan Fox Usually Takes Lead In 'Call Of Duty' Trailer!

 Megan Fox usually takes lead in 'Call of Duty' trailer!
"Transformers" and also"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" celebrity Megan Fox stars within the live-action trailer for the "Call of Duty: Ghosts."

The game starts internationally on Nov. 5 and for the very 1st time introduces female soldiers on this long-running series.

Along with online multiplayer increasingly crucial to both players as well as publishers, the trailer for "Ghosts" is designed to underscore the game's sociable value, as four buddies continue an "Epic Night Out. "

Inside "Call of Duty" terms, which means surviving a Las vegas casino firefight, rapelling down the inside of an overflowing building, shootouts with space, and downing a helicopter having a well-placed rocket.

Ohio, and also, determining that Megan Fox is more preferable at video games than you might be.

According to social websites analysis tool ForSight, Fox's presence factored into 23 percent of social websites users' conversations about this trailer.

Twenty-two percent also spoke of the game's incorporation involving female characters, 15% about other attributes, and 11% about Eminem's involvement to advertise "Ghosts." One 3rd were reported to be "very excited" about this release.

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