Kurt Caselli killed last night

Kurt Caselli Not Killed By Booby-Trapped Course, Competitor Says

Kurt Caselli, the motorcycle racer who was tragically killed last night in an accident during the Baja 1000, was not killed by a booby-trap set along the course, according to competitor for Kawasaki Taylor Robert. Reports are still unclear, but this looks like one of the few from someone actually there.

caselli was originally reported by a number of sources, including the KTM Bicycle team, to have been killed by an obstacle in the course, commonly set up by locals to encourage high-flying jumps or just some tricky driving. While the bicycle team obviously isn't the official team of the Baja 1000 entry, it was as close as KTM got to an official statement. As of this writing, KTM still hasn't said anything, though Score International, the organizer of the race, acknowledged Caselli's death in an official statement with no mention of cause.

As with any accident, early reports can be inaccurate, and the original post about Caselli's death has been updated continuously to reflect that. source:1