Texas Law Prohibits Undocumented Immigrants From Buying And Registering Vehicles

Thousands of Texas undocumented immigrants can't buy and register vehicles without proper identification and state licenses.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 20, 2013

Austin, Texas - Since the law passed in September, hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants in Texas have been prohibited from buying and registering any type of vehicle from dealerships without a proper valid identification, passport and state license. The Texas Department of Moter Vehicle posted, "As of 9/1/2013, when a buyer purchases a vehicle in Texas, they must show the proper photo identification to obtain a title and registration."
If vehicles are bought from private citizens, undocumented immigrants won't be able to register their vehicles with the state of Texas.
Dealers who are caught selling vehicles to undocumented immigrants can be fined from $1,000 up to $10,000 for each vehicle sold. The Texas law keeps undocumented immigrants from purchasing vehicles, thus cutting into their economic influx of generating revenue. 
Immigrants are now facing another hardship of trying to get to work, especially when their jobs are located in another location where public transportation doesn't provide service.
Vehicles can only be purchase for exporting to Mexico and other Central and South American countries. But buyers must provide  official government seal stamp documents as proof of exporting vehicles. 
Now with Monday's upgraded of the E-Verify program that will block the usage of false and fraudulent use of Social Security numbers by undocumented immigrants and the new Texas law prohibiting immigrants from purchasing vehicles for work and personal use will force many to look for other options to compensate for transportation and continue to work in the shadows without paying taxes.
There are only six days left before the U.S. House ends its 113th first session without bringing an immigration reform bill to the floor for a vote. Without an immigration reform bill passage for 2013, the issue for immigration reform will most likely be dead for the next six years, depending who will control both Houses and the White House.

Texas law:

As of 9/1/2013 the ID requirements for Titling and Registering Vehicles changed. The ID must:

● Be current (not to exceed 12 months past expiration.)

● Contain a photo.

● Have a unique ID number.

● Have an expiration date.

The ID must be one of the following:

● A driver's license or state identification certificate issued by a state or territory of the United States.United States or foreign passport.

● U.S. military identification card.

● U.S. Department of Homeland Security identification document.

● U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services identification document.

● U.S. Department of State identification document.

● North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) identification.

● Identification issued under a Status of Forces Agreement.