Bobbie Brown Says That She Slept With Leonardo DiCaprio, When He Was 19!

Bobbie Brown Says That She Slept With Leonardo
DiCaprio, When He Was 19!
Within 1990, 22-year-old Bobbie Brown found fame for the reason that “Cherry Pie” girl, over known for her sexy appearance within the Warrant’s music video. Inside a new memoir--excerpted by the New York Post--- the currently 44-year-old recounts her outdoors drug days, partying with a few of Hollywood’s top stars.

The lady claims that she acquired racy encounters with celebrities like Dave Navaro, Mark McGrath, Kevin Costner plus a 19-years-old Leonardo DiCaprio.

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“We went back to (Leonardo DiCaprio’s) position that night. Leo acquired barrettes pulling back the dirty blond hair. He switched on some music and started singing that TLC song ‘Waterfalls’ to my opinion. It was weird — I wasn’t involved with it at all. ”

Each had sex, she writes, but their relationship was over there. Things didn’t go pretty as far when she got near Kevin Costner.

“After another wild night on the club, I went returning to Kevin Costner’s place along with was so lit i threw a lighted cigarette into his bedroom along with nearly set his house unstoppable. But we never acquired sex. ”

These days, Brown says she is actually living a drug-free existence.

“I’m 44 years aged and single these days… I’m happier than I’ve most people have struggled. I’d love to receive married again, but relationships are don't my priority. ”

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