Fred Durst Creating A One-Hour TV Drama For The CW!

Fred Durst Producing a One-Hour Drama For CW
Fred Durst is creating a one-hour drama based on his life For the CW. The special, called The Noise, was created by Durst as well as chronicles his rise to fame inside the 1990s.

Durst escaped from some sort of tumultuous home life through his uber-successful rap/rock band. During the 1990s we could not escape Fred Durst as well as Limp Bizkit. The frontman was certainly one of Total Request Live’s (TRL) frequent guests and his band on the potency of the hit songs “Nookie, ” “Break Stuff, ” and even some sort of cover of George Michael’s “Faith. ”

This one-hour drama For that CW will be co-executive that is generated by Fred Durst and published by Miles Feld. Other exec producers from the CBS TV Studios are Eric Tannenbaum as well as Kim Tannenbaum.

If the actual Tannenbum-Durst, team sounds recognizable, that’s because two rice they created the sitcom Douchebag intended for CBS. That series concept also dedicated to a rock star seeing that he balanced his outdoors ways and his new life as any family man.

Rap metal started to lose its appeal as the 90s drew to an in depth and Fred Durst transitioned from his rap/rock roots in to film and TV management. Durst instructed the 2007 feature 'The Education of Charlie Banks' as well as 2008′s The Longshots.

In 2013 Fred Durst exec. produced the Pawn Shop Chronicles.

This rap/rocker sure has come quite a distance since the days when he was known more for cavorting about the Playboy mansion than generating hit tracks and showing up on TRL.

In the actual meantime Limp Bizkit is once against touring as well as on July 22, 2013 they released the actual music video for “Ready To Go, ” the first course off their upcoming 7th studio album. This album is being produced by_ Cash Education Records.

Are you still any fan of Limp Bizkit as well as Fred Durst and their personal blend of Metal Rock and also Rap?

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