Shailene Woodley For The Fault In Our Stars' Pixie - It's So Easy_ Man!

Shailene Woodley Fault In Our Stars' Pixie 
Shailene Woodley features officially joined the ranks of celebrities with pixie reductions we adore. And she is as into even as are, going even smaller than before on her behalf role as cancers patient Hazel Grace Lancaster within the 'Fault In Our Stars'.

And although the role gave her reasons she made the cut, she might not exactly return to her longer locks now that she is experienced this low-maintenance upkeep.

'I really love it. It is so easy_ man,' she said in the Elle Women inside Hollywood event inside Beverly Hills. 'I have always wanted to cut hair … so it is exciting in order to just be free and chop the idea off. '

And though she might have been ready for some variations with the new do, there is one change which surprised her: 'I wear courses scarves!' the girl shares. 'Having short hair reveals to your account why it’s so imperative that you cover your neck up, because the idea gets cold! It’s incredible. Not having hair, the lack associated with hair, even the weight on the head, reveals a lot about your body’s hormone balance I cannot even show you.'

Would a person go short such as Shailene Woodley? How gorgeous may she look with this cute cut?

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