Alyssa Milano Along With Rose McGowan Not Really With Charmed Remake!

Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano stars in 'Charmed'.
Former Charmed celebrities Alyssa Milano as well as Rose McGowan have slammed the concept of CBS bringing back their popular WB collection.

'They really are running from ideas in Hollywood, ' McGowan tweeted on Friday, adding 'Lame_lame_lame lamertons.'

Milano’s response to the news was not as harsh, but she doesn’t appear to be in favor of Charmed finding its way back either.

'The thing about them conducting a #charmed reboot is_ it just_ it is like yesterday, ' the lady wrote on Twitter. 'It feels way too close.' Charmed led in 2006.

It is still possible the fixing won’t happen, though the success of new witch-related shows like the Originals and Us Horror Story: Coven, mean the circle certainly has reason to create it back.

Milano thinks Charmed cleared how for other witch shows to kick or punch the airwaves.

'I think really it's a result of the success of Charmed and the fact that it had a whole lot success even after it was done, meaning that folks looked for it, people searched it out and observed those episodes again and again, ' Milano said. 'The Charmed fans will be the greatest fans on earth and the many loyal fans on earth. I feel like methods are trying to replicate that.'

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