CrazySexyCool Evaluation: VH1 Biopic Honors TLC’s Triumphs, Tragedies!

TLC Movie: Crazy Sexy Cool
In contrast to most made-for-TV biopics - which can be so fictionalized that the finished product bears minimal truth whatsoever - VH1′s 'CrazySexyCool' had TLC‘s stamp through out it, allowing for a geniune re-telling of the iconic gal group’s history. And once we learned during this outrageous two-and-a-half-hour ride, the truth is always more interesting when compared with fiction.

For younger viewers new to TLC’s history, it was a convincing introduction to arguably the largest girl group in new music history; and for long-time fans of the former trio, it seemed to be a heartbreaking roller coaster, recalling incredible highs and harmful lows.

One such low, the lack of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes  (played on-screen through Lil Mama), was specially gut-wrenching to relive. It turned out one thing for the cast to recreate a TLC music video, nevertheless it was another to accurately depict the indescribable pain suffered with the surviving members of the group - and CrazySexyCool do that beautifully.

Though many three leading ladies offered exceptional performances, the stand-out for me personally was Keke Palmer because Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas. As I viewed  her go through the process of having the abortion, feeling every little bit of her pain and distress, I could hardly believe it was the same girl I accustomed to watch on Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP. She really left the idea on me.

That said, this wasn’t merely a straight-faced walk through the trials and tribulations associated with TLC. 'CrazySexyCool' also highlighted everything that was beautiful and unforgettable around the group - from the ’90s-tastic fashion towards the girl-power attitude to the music videos you couldn’t help but look on YouTube through the commercial breaks. (Waterfalls,  in the particular, was frighteningly spot on. )

'CrazySexyCool' served as being a reminder that there will still only ever be one TLC. Inside a pre-YouTube, pre-American Idol globe, they came up independent terms - and their tale is far from over.

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